Changes for the 2021/22 Season27th Sep 2021 18:54

Teams consist of 10 players, with the proviso of using up to 2 lowest scores on the board if teams turn up short. Also, consideration can be given to the use of surplus opponent players, but this must be agreed by both captains, and noted on result card.

There will be no promotion or relegation, with the first half of the season consisting of all league games, and the Courage Charity Cup being introduced in the second half. No Singles or Pairs this year and some consideration by the Executive Committee will be given to providing some financial rewards for winners and runners-up at the end of the season.

As you recall at our meetings the main concerns were the safety of players and sticker-ups, and minimising any risk to them where possible. The alleys are to provide sanitiser and anti-septic wipes for use by both. Any players and sticker-up wishing to wear a mask and/or gloves should provide their own. Pins and balls should be sanitised at the start of the match. This would be the responsibility of the team captain. Sticker-Ups to regularly sanitiser their hands. The wearing of gloves and mask is their choice. Players to sanitise hands before bowling each end. No Licking Of Fingers. Antiseptic wipes available. Masks optional. Social distancing difficult to maintain but consider where possible, and consider ventilation where possible, but difficult in the depth of winter. Clearly some common sense and patience will be required to enable us to play skittles and enjoy ourselves.

Please use your existing supply of Result Cards if possible. I have a small supply if more are required and Tony is printing some more. Please complete the Player Registration Form and return to Pete or Phil Stout; electronically would be acceptable. There are no handbooks being printed this year.

We hope that covers everything and would like to wish everyone good luck!

2019 Charity Donations22nd Aug 2019 21:11

Over the past 17 years The League has raised in excess of £7,000.00 which has been donated to local charities or organisations and this year The Curzon community centre for the arts was chosen by our members. The Chairman of the League, Mr Tony Hockerday presented a cheque for £300 to Susannah Shaw, chief executive of the Curzon. Susannah thanked all those present and spoke about the fundraising for the new roof, they have currently raised £20,000 towards their £500,000 target.

Clevedon Skittles League Facebook Group28th Sep 2017 19:03

Did you know that Clevedon Skittles League has a Facebook Group? You can join by following this link, and clicking 'Join'.

Clevedon Skittles League Facebook Group

Hopefully we grow it in to a great resource, and place to discuss all things Skittles!