Covid19 & 2020/21 Season23rd Aug 2020 20:58

The Executive Committee met recently to discuss the current situation, and to be honest found it very difficult to come to any firm conclusions for the season as a whole, but it was agreed the time is not right, at present to consider starting the league.

There are no specific Government guidelines available for skittles, and any current guidelines are constantly changing; especially with the opening of schools in early September could result in clubs and pubs being put back into lockdown.

Our ultimate aim is the safety of all our players and sticker-ups. When you consider a minimum of 25 different people handling the same set of balls, which are hitting the same set of pins, which the sticker-up has the replace in position and return the balls for another bowler to do the same, it is not easy. This happens 24 times over, in an indoor environment.

Another important factor is social distancing. You have 2 teams of 12 different people congregating in an area where social distancing of 2 metres has to be maintained. For 16 people to do that, you need an absolute minimum of 36 square metres of space, but realistically 50 square metres; and for 30 people that space has to be an absolute minimum of 80 square metres, but realistically 120 square metres.

The Football Club is probably the only one of our alleys that currently come anywhere near having sufficient room available. The Rugby Club, Consti & Waggon don’t at present. Also, the Bowling Club is currently shut.

Sanitiser and gloves would be essential, and masks would have to be strongly considered, although their wearing becomes a great hinderance when playing, talking and drinking.

I tried thinking through a playing method, with the sanitising of hands before bowling, and it meant in a match of 6 sets, hands would get sanitised 432 times. Proper sanitiser is not cheap. There are so many other factors and things to consider, plus getting teams to adhere to any changes could be an onerous task in itself. Who would be responsible? Sticker-ups safety seriously need to be considered, and are sometimes very young, their parents would need to be aware of what precautions that are being taken.

Rather than cancelling the whole season at this time (as the Nailsea and District League have done), we wish to keep our options open should the circumstances change.

We would like to call a Captain’s meeting for Tuesday 22nd September at 7.30pm in the Consti Club to (i) be able to stay in contact with you, (ii) present the league financial accounts, (iii) explain the position we are in and (iv) seek your views on the ways toward for skittles through these strange times. We will also invite Kevin of Football Club and Tom of Rugby Club to attend.

23 of our 24 teams are said they are willing to play; sadly we have lost The Nutters.

A popular stipulation has been “if it is safe” What is your interpretation of safe?

Please check if all your players are willing to play; some may not be. We may need to consider smaller numbers in teams.

Who meets cost of sanitiser and gloves?

Please bring your ideas to the meeting.

The demise of Season 2019/201st Jun 2020 19:55

These are strange and unprecedented times that probably none of us have ever lived through before.

It is now over two months since the season was brought to an abrupt end in mid-March. During that time, it has been difficult to plan a way forward to conclude the league season in a satisfactory manner. The main problem is the uncertainty of what the future holds, when will all the restrictions be lifted, what our lives will be like when it all ends and what we will be allowed to do. It is generally felt by the committee this could go on in some-way or another until the end of the year.

However, decisions need to be made. Much deliberation has taken place by the committee, with different views being put forward, but a compromise had to be reached and it has been decided:

The 2019/20 league season will be treated as void. There were numerous scenarios that could still have occurred if the season have completed, plus we were not in the position of all teams having played the same number of games in each division, when the season came to the abrupt end.

The Cup Competitions are also being treated as void, because of the uncertainty of when we will be playing again. However, all of the Cup Competitions are at a semi-final stage so something may be able to be resurrected if time and restrictions allows.

The Highest Away Score and Highest Away Spare competitions together with the Singles and Pairs competitions have been cancelled.

Other important factors to remember are there will be a lot of our skittle players in the vulnerable age bracket where extra care is required, and there are those who simply do not want to go near a skittle alley until the situation vastly improves and a vaccine is available.

Thank you and please stay healthy.

2019/20 Season Important Dates6th Sep 2019 20:27

Management Meetings:

  • 29th October 2019
  • 10th December 2019
  • 4th February 2020
  • 17th March 2020
  • 28th April 2020

2020 Presentation Dinner:

  • 5th June 2020

2020 AGM:

  • 7th July 2020

2019 Charity Donations22nd Aug 2019 21:11

Over the past 17 years The League has raised in excess of £7,000.00 which has been donated to local charities or organisations and this year The Curzon community centre for the arts was chosen by our members. The Chairman of the League, Mr Tony Hockerday presented a cheque for £300 to Susannah Shaw, chief executive of the Curzon. Susannah thanked all those present and spoke about the fundraising for the new roof, they have currently raised £20,000 towards their £500,000 target.

Clevedon Skittles League Facebook Group28th Sep 2017 19:03

Did you know that Clevedon Skittles League has a Facebook Group? You can join by following this link, and clicking 'Join'.

Clevedon Skittles League Facebook Group

Hopefully we grow it in to a great resource, and place to discuss all things Skittles!